Rosalind Cardia


MFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Rosalind Cardia, Mft Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Serving the Community of Los Gatos and Santa Clara County, CA

How I work:
I work in an experiential manner and pull from various treatment modalities, choosing interventions based upon what works best for each client.  My work tends to be very "here and now" oriented while the relation to the past, "there and then" is honored.  Some of the modalities I choose from include:

Process Oriented Awareness
Examination of thought processes
Exploration of beliefs
Awareness of and expression of emotional experience
Re-connection to body awareness through somatic experience
Visual Imagery
Separation and expression of Parts
Mapping of interaction dynamics (inside/outside)
Modeling and Teaching Healthy Boundaries
Systematic Desensitization
Art Therapy
Sandtray Therapy
Conscious Breathing
Teach Communication/Expression Skills


The relationship one has with oneself is the focal point of individual therapy.  The ways in which we honor or oppress the various aspects of ourselves directly affects how we think, how we feel and how we relate to others.  The goal of individual therapy is to integrate the parts of self that are oppressed and to learn how to authentically express ourselves within our lives, work place, family and relationships. 


Couples work is much like individual work but it is done in tandem and interactively with a significant other.  Again, the ways in which we honor or oppress ourselves directly impacts not only our own life but the lives of those we are in relationship with.  Couples work includes individual work, witnessing our partner's individual work and learning how to honor and respect ourselves and our partners in relationship through good times and through challenging times.


I often work with various members of families; Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons. Sisters, Siblings, etc.  Family work is focused more upon the balance of the system itself versus the individuals within the system.  The rules and roles of the family, the dynamics between the members and the flexibility of the system to support change when challenged  (unexpected stressors and normal developmental challenges) are all areas of focus.  Sometimes Family Therapy is augmented with Individual Therapy.

Adolescents and Young Adults:

I spent 5 years working with children, teenagers and their families in a clinic and in an Elementary and High School setting.  I continue to work with many teens in my private practice.  Lets face it, being a teenager isn't easy!  The demands on teens to achieve academically is higher than it's ever been; the bar both academically and financially to get into college is higher than it's ever been; families are stressed financially more than ever and the media is increasingly more influencial with our teens than parents are.  Add Social Media that provides quick access to mass socializing and our kids become more susceptible to bullying, to negative influence by other kids and they have the potential to put themselves at risk of victimization by adult perpetrators.

The teenage years are a time when our children are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit socially.  It is also a time when the teen begins to differentiate from their parents and start turning more towards other teens for support and definition of self.  Often this is a rocky process for both the parents and the teen as each struggles to remain separate but still connected. 

Working with teens involves building a relationship based upon trust and creating a space for them to come forward with who they are, what they want/need and what they dream of.  Once the trust is established, I work with them to help them access their internal resources to meet the challenges they undoubtedly face, to know themselves more fully, to express themselves authentically and to reach their goals and dreams.

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.���

— Albert Einstein